Dr. Sheila Robinson: Author

Lead By Example, Dr Sheila Robinson

Lead By Example

Lead by Example, Sheila Robinson’s book on leadership development in the 21st century is a moving memoir and no-nonsense guide to how to succeed in the complex culture of today’s corporate America. Sheila, who grew up in the South, where the career possibilities were limited, hurdled many obstacles on her path to finding career success, first within the structure of Fortune 1000 America and then as an entrepreneur launching her own business against great odds. In the process, she learned much more than how to succeed — she also learned how to find success and happiness by being herself and following her own vision. In reading Lead by Example, you will find yourself nodding knowingly as Sheila describes her experience as a determined, whip-smart woman of color navigating the complexities and challenges of the 21st century business environment.

Your Tool Kit for Success by Dr Sheila Robinson

Your Tool Kit for Success

In her new book, Your Tool Kit for Success: The Professional Woman’s Guide for Advancing to the C-Suite, Dr. Sheila A. Robinson, founder and publisher of Diversity Woman magazine, sets out to teach women of every race, culture, background, and affinity group how to become passionate leaders who can not only expand their own careers but also enhance the businesses they will ultimately lead. Shelia aims to put the strategies of C-Suite executives to work for women who want to affect change in their own career paths. To do this, she draws from her own dissertation research as a doctoral candidate at the University of Pennsylvania, where she mapped the career paths of C-Suite executives and gained their insights into leadership.

Your Tool Kit for Success empowers women to transform their careers by utilizing a comprehen­sive set of interrelated and interdependent tools that Shelia categorizes as Executive Traits, Preparation, Building Strategic Relationships, and Creating Engaging Organizational Culture.